Bulgaria guide - russian edition


On the book market can now be found "Путеводитель по Болгарии" - Guide made for the Russian tourists in Bulgaria.

All the 144 pages will help the visitors to find useful information about geography, history and holidays in Bulgaria. With attractive design and great photographs, "Путеводитель по Болгарии" tells about the country's natural landmarks, monasteries and mountain eco-routes, rural tourism, golf and spa destination in Bulgaria.

The guide has several sections - "The Bulgarian cities," "Black sea", "Bulgarian mountains", "Eco and alternative tourism", "Cultural Tourism", "Religious Tourism", "Spa and wellness" and others.

"Путеводитель по Болгарии" is the Russian version of Bulgaria Guide - Guide to Bulgaria, which was released in English in November 2010.

The guide can be found also in English, German and Romanian.

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